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Waist Management Update and Encouragement


 We are four weeks into the Waist Management challenge.  It has been difficult, but the accountability has been so helpful. I think when this challenge is over I will suggest some follow-up accountability, maybe on a monthly basis. I need it! After all, I’ve lost 100 lbs over the last several years- the same 10-20 over and over again.

The first two weeks went very well.  I saw rapid weight loss, my goals were being met, and it was great.  Week three I only worked out twice instead of thrice.  I had the flu and you would think that not eating for two days would cause some weight loss. No.  Breaking my fast at Crabby Joe’s may have hindered my progress (you think?)  but I tried to stick to protein and veggies. No weight loss, and there were hormonal cycles at work! The female body is a fascinating creation. Week four saw some more weight loss and exercise happening.  So now I am about halfway to my goal.

When I say I have lost weight, it’s really that I have lost weight, gained weight, lost some more, gained some, and lost some.  All the while breaking my rule not to step on the scale daily. This is normal and the key is to have a net loss at the end of the week.

If you have reached a plateau in your weight loss, here are some tips to help you that I have learned along the way.

First, if you are exercising and eating healthier, then you are giving your body great benefits whether you lose weight or not.  Studies show that regular exercise even in small quantities makes a big difference in your long-term health.

If you are exercising more, you may have built muscle.  This is good! In the long run this will help you burn even more calories, but may not show a net weight loss right away.

Change up your workout, or use the “Interval” setting on your exercise equipment rather than the same routine.  Your body is designed to adapt to your exercise, and if you do the same thing over and over again the amount of effort needed will diminish.  You need to catch your muscles “by surprise” so they have to adapt continually.

Make sure you are taking vitamins and minerals.  In a perfect world we shouldn’t need to but our food is far from perfect.  Certain trace vitamins and minerals, for example, aid in the metabolism of fat and if you aren’t getting enough, that could be a hindrance to progress.

Add some weights to your routine.  Muscle burns more calories, and the greater your muscle mass, the more calories are being burned.  Building muscle helps you lose fat.

Consider your digestion. As we age, we have less digestive enzymes in our system.  We can aid our digestion by eating foods like grapefruit and pineapple with our other food, or by taking cider vinegar (“with the mother”=with the enzymes), or digestive enzyme supplements. 

Think about your calories.  All calories are not created equal.  For example, an avocado is high in calories and healthy fat.  We might avoid it because of its caloric content, but it is less likely to be stored on our body than some multigrain bread with the same caloric value. (More about this in another blog)

Get more sleep! We can only dream about this one, but lack of sleep inhibits weight loss.

Plan a reward for yourself. It is surprising how the first thing we think about is a food reward.  This is part of the problem! Plan a non-food reward when you reach a milestone along the way.

Go to God.  Part of our problem with eating is that we use food for comfort, to handle stress, because we are bored, or for many reasons other than for nutrition. We can ask Him for help and strength.

Thanks! I needed that!

(While Rowan has a degree in Physical and Health Education, her advice is not meant to take the place of a doctor’s. Please always consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen or taking dietary supplements) 

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